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Re: BitTorrent SoShare service. 1TB transfers for FREE!

said by jap:

It's a bittorrent client attached to your browser. Downloaders must install the SoShare client and serve bits to peers during and after their download. And p2p transfers cannot begin until after uploader completes a copy to the SoShare servers.

Not useful for me. I'm not going to require recipients of my data to install proprietary app and connect to it's servers. It's unnecessary software and too spyish. Seems useful for work groups collaborating on a massive file set (that they don't mind SoShare having a copy of).

I think the new mega site would be more ideal for that since everything is encrypted and the data rates are far more reliable. Chances are that if you are dealing with data sets that large, 20 a month with mega is chump change.

said by Rakeesh:

I think the new mega site would be more ideal for that...

I was thinking of a nightly build or collaborative film editing sort of exchange where ongoing change proposals to some files within a large set of files could be made to update in a syncing sort of way: rehash the 800GB collection and bittorrent would update only those that have been altered since last hash-check. In a globally distributed group it could hugely reduce data transfers.

Not an ideal way to go about it but for low cash and/or low bandwidth groups it would be a good workaround. Using conventional hosting (eg: mega) means re-downloading everything by everybody every time.