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New Orleans, LA

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Need Guidance on Outdoor Video


I have problems with my neighbors noisy dogs across the street from my home, and I want to record them with both video and audio. This is a temporary setup, so I would prefer wireless (I have power available near the mounting point). As far as the potential wireless distance to be covered, it will be about 20 yds to my home's wireless router, with two intervening wooden walls, OR about 15 yds direct to my computer, again two intervening, wooden walls.

The dogs are about 30 yards from the mounting point, with only visible through a small "window" in the shrubbery in-between, so I would prefer a camera with a fairly narrow viewing angle. I don't need IR, as I don't think it will help me, given the target distance. I also do not need pan/tilt, as the dogs do their barking on an elevated porch across the street, from wich they can see the entire intersection I live on.

Also, I need to be able to record a full day of activity, which I will then edit to remove the time when the dogs are not barking. I know this is a lot of data, but I have a large hard-drive to handle that.

Please, can anyone offer guidance on a camera and editing software? I don't want to be cheap, but I would like to keep the camera $150


From New Orleans,

Pittsburgh, PA
Have you tried talking to your neighbors? Just asking,maybe you could save the expense and trouble.


New Orleans, LA
Thanks, but been there; done that!

Stockholm, NJ
reply to no_1_u_know
can't you just buy a camcorder? they're cheap these days.

i also have asshole neighbors with loud untrained dogs. i call animal control on them every few months because they are just plain assholes who won't listen to long time residents of the neighborhood who like their peace and quiet..........