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Unable to find route to *.main-hosting.com

Hi everyone,

I recently set up an account with a free web host, and I just today attempted to access it over FTP. Filezilla was having issues, so I attempted to look at my site via an internet browser. Timed out! I thought this was strange since my site could be access via other means, such as downforeveryoneorjustme. When I tried a traceroute to my website's IP,, the trace fails every time at sfldmi.ameritech.net, reporting that the Destination host is unreachable.

I saw another post here where someone was unable to access another website, but with the trace failing at the same ameritech host.

Is there anything I can do besides waiting right now (as was the solution in the aforementioned thread)? I don't think there are many proxies that would like me using FTP...