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Premium,ex-mod 01-13
reply to Mr Matt

Re: not worried

said by Mr Matt:

Don't worry be happy' until you are assigned the IP address that Fred was assigned for the past two weeks. Fred downloaded a gazillion copyrighted songs and you receive the copyright violation notice that Fred should have received because the ISP identified you as being assigned the IP address when the violation was perpetrated. You now have to pay $35.00 to contest the error because in the internet world you are guilty until proven innocent. The BS about this scheme is that anyone can be hung because the ISP fails to link the IP address to the correct account holder when a violation is perpetrated.

I checked the Verizon page linked in Karl's article to see if they addressed this. They address it by not admitting mistakes like that can be and are made.

What if I'm sure that I'm not the person who has violated the copyright of the item mentioned?

If you receive a notice of alleged copyright infringement, we recommend that you confirm that the content referred to in the notice resides on your computer and check to see if your computer has any P2P or file sharing software on it. You should also contact any subaccount users of your account and discuss this notification with them. If you have a wireless router, please refer to the "If I am using a wireless router, how do I protect my network?" question and answer, below.
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