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Re: Basic service sub required to recv other levels?

said by dishrich:

said by NightOwl2:

Since many customers opt for cable cards instead of a digital/HD box, new packages are priced without equipment.

Are you 100% sure? Normally, all cable pkgs above limited basic, include 1 full SD box. (in all-digital areas, limited basic includes 1 DTA) If you want HD on starter, it would add another $10 "HD tech fee", & automatically gives you 1 HD box instead; any additional outlets would also be HD boxes as well. It's been this way in our area since CC took over from Insight several years ago.

Dishrich or anyone: questions: I have seen friend's SD box, and some ch fill his 16x19 tv screen and other ch are letterboxed. Does the $10 hd tech fee with hd box help this problem? And does a hd box have coax (ch 3) out or hdmi out, or both?


Springfield, IL
Depends if the "letterboxed" (SD) channels on YOUR system, are also offered in an HD feed to begin with.

If those said channels ARE offered in HD, then adding HD (tech fee) & swapping to an HD box should fix it.
Most HD boxes have HDMI, component, composite AND RF (coax) outputs, so they can work on ANY TV; you can find out when you go to swap boxes at your local service center.

If those channels do NOT have an HD feed on YOUR system, adding the HD fee/box isn't really going to help much, until CC adds the actual HD feed to work with your HDTV.