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Re: [Rant] FB charging 5$ to message non-friends

said by ebgbjo:

fatness... did you not read the link I posted about the new charges being tested out on some people? lol. Trust me, it has nothing to do with the privacy settings of the people I am trying to contact

Some people are being charged $1 and some are being charged $5 -- yes I'm aware of that. I'm also aware that it's only charged when the member you're sending to has their privacy settings set a certain way, which was in the link I posted.

If you're OK with paying $1 but not $5 that wasn't clear at all in your initial post which took exception to having to pay, period.

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reply to ebgbjo
So they are trying to slow down spam. I don't disagree with that.

It would make better sense to flag messages sent to multiple recipients because those are more likely to be spam. Say if someone had 10,000 names in the to: then charge them a dollar or five or whatever per name and then see if they want to spam that many people.

Then again, some things that Facebook does do not appear to be well thought out.

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Why give a bunch of billionaires more money? I got this today - if there going to prevent scammers why not just use a captura, or whatever it's called.

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Re: [Rant] FB charging 5$ to message non-friends

This is all just Facebook "testing the waters" to see how much it can push its users to extract money from them without them leaving.

in the next 6 months to a year or will begin to see Facebook charging $1 to message anyone...if they are on your friends list or not...and of course..95% of the Facebook user base will gladly just bend over and take this one.

I haven't had a Facebook account in nearly 3 years, and i don't miss it....don't need it.

I talk to more people now without Facebook then i ever did when I had its a win-win for me!