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[OOL] opendns

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no idea why this happened. friend was using pc. am using ubuntu connected to a router which has a windows pc...

anyone can offer input?


Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Not sure to be honest, I use 3 DNS servers..one of them Google DNS, one is a NJ Optimum DNS and the last is OpenDNS. I can connect to Google just fine.

Dog And Butterfly
East Stroudsburg, PA
reply to swtnoob
Are you using opendns as your DNS server?

OpenDNS does/did some screwy things with Google and also with names that can not be resolved and the default Google lookup that occurs with some browsers for that Name. Some people object to what they do, others think it is a good idea. So if you are using opendns as your DNS server and for some reason Google did not load for them, I suspect you would see something like that page.
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Brooklyn, NY
reply to swtnoob
go to OpenDNS Dashboard -> Settings -> Advanced Settings and uncheck "Enable typo correction" under Domain Typos. Apply the changes, wait for five minutes and youll see the standard browser error messages and not the OpenDNS branded search results.
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reply to swtnoob
i am using the standard dns...never changed a setting....maybe it's the router not sync with the dns of the modem? i use a belkin

i dunno..