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[Line Problem] Long history of DSL connection problems - hoping

downloadNetopia Log.zip 8,820 bytes
I just stumbled upon this forum and hope you can offer the technical assistance that AT&T phone support has failed at. I REALLY appreciate being able to communicate with technical types instead of "customer service" types who just follow a script!

Background - long term DSL customer with strong engineering and technology professional experience. Years of problems with DSL connectivity issues. AT&T solutions have included repeated replacements of router, rewiring inside of house, and thorough checking of computer and software.

Problem -- can't get a reliable DSL connection. At 2Mb service, we get a reasonable connection, but attempts at higher speed results in speeds slowly reducing from initial 8192 connection down to under 2Mb. A reset will restore higher speed temporarily. AT&T says distance is 7,352' from port and line tests fine.

I am currently using a Netopia 3347 as it has proven to be more reliable than the Netgear 7550's (of which I've had 3!). A log is attached.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: [Line Problem] Long history of DSL connection problems - hop

At 7,352 feet, you should easily get 3.0 Mbps service; probably even 6.0 Mbps, if the stats look good. You need to go to the modem stats page and post the SNR and Attenuation figures.

You should also get the numbers while connected at the NID:

»AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ »How to check modem stats, synch rates & speeds from test jack at the NID.

If the numbers look better at the NID, there is likely trouble on the premises. However, with new premises wiring, I would expect no difference.

Sub-optimal numbers at the NID point to the plant.
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