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Zing networks

Anyone around here use them. I am a little concerned in suggesting them to one of my customers. Their website is basic and does not have a lot of info, they are listed on Gov Canada website. Also they never answer the phones.

Any advice on them would be helpful.

Montreal, QC
They seem to be a small WISP serving a limited area with very very low speeds. So they'd only be desirable if you have no coverage from DSL or cable at all.
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Yeah, my customer seems only able to get rogers turbo, bell rocket or explornet. Rogers and bell basically cap is way too low. explornet satellite they had for a month and is was cloudy so the service was down most of that month and they paid for nothing. So I am trying to find him something with a little bit more of a cap.

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said by cpsycho:

Also they never answer the phones.

What do you do when your net doesn't work? Drive to them to speak to them?

It really bugs the hell out of me when I see a company in this day and age that doesn't have a privacy policy. It just screams mickey mouse to me.

*shrug* each to their own. I would keep looking or trying to find out what other wisps may exist in the area. They wouldn't be high on my priority list.



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If hes around Durham have him contact us If he is interested in service.

We service the region with the latest generation of gear.

And deliver our advertised speed in all hours.

The basic service is $34.99 per month and the following speed.

5megabits per second down
512kilobits per second up
100GB monthly usage limit

On my service If the limit is exceeded the connection speed is slowed to 1.5megabits down 256kilobits up.


Schomberg, ON
·Zing Networks Inc.
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I've had terrible service from them myself, but have heard others have had success with them. Their customer service leaves something to be desired, have mercy on your soul if you end up talking to the owner, he's rude, aggressive and very demeaning, even when talking about his own employees (note that I work in IT and networking myself and still get this treatment).

My personal experience started out with terrible speeds but decent reliability, but about a year ago had it flip on me where the speeds became acceptable (read 1Mbps), but the intermittent connectivity issues became a huge hassle.

The fact that they won't talk to their customers and use an answering machine as a proxy leaves much to be desired (they use the excuse that they want to have your account open so that they don't spend time on the phone where they're not prepared).

Try to find another solution if possible as they will hold you hostage with the fact that they're one of few WISP providers.


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If you send me a private message with your contact info I can let you know when my company has coverage out in Schomberg.

I don't think you presently have many choices for providers out where you are.

Edit:if you decide to go 3G or LTE my company also sell dual band external antennas for 800mhz and pcs.