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Previously known as 'Deadpool'

reply to grohgreg

Re: Latency increases when Skype video turned on

said by grohgreg:

said by funny_one:

There's no voip acceleration on the HTV service.

I don't have a clue what that means. Perhaps you missed the fact that the OP is an Xplornet customer. If you were unaware, Xplornet is a Canadian provider. They sell broadband service via some of the same satellites Hughes either leases or owns. Canada's phone grid isn't as extensive as is ours in the lower 48, so folks in under served areas rely on VoIP over satellite. Realizing the effects of latency of voice over satellite, Xplornet has taken steps to reduce the effects. The process involves the use of specialized software on dedicated servers, software that detects and prioritizes (accelerates) VoIP packets.

My point was that perhaps Skype packets transit the same servers


I'm aware that is was Xplornet (I can read after all).

And Xplornet does have some voip acceleration/QoS on their legacy satellites, but not on ViaSat-1. Instead they ensure through their traffic management systems that traffic never dips below 100 kbps. Presumably to ensure voip calls (voice), work at all times.


Re: 100 kbps.... Yes...that has been my experience on HTS over the last year...voice always works.....but it would be nice if ISP's could some day get video to also work all the time....just dreaming I guess..:-(
Thanks for all the great feedback! My questions are answered and now I understand this topic better. I also found this nice link regarding Sandvine traffic management systems » ··· i_6CoPHQ