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Senoia, GA
reply to isp10002

Re: [General] Home Fusion install scheduled

Checked again to see if HF was available yet and it isn't. Verizon map shows us in the solid 4G LTE area but their software still says no. Anyway, we got the Verizon Jetpack about 3 months ago. It was operated flawlessly in 4G all this time. Even with the JP in my basement it stays in 4G. If it wasn't for the cost per Gig and wanting an Open NAT for gaming, I wouldn't even be considering HF.

I was thinking about going down to the Verizon Store to see if they could over-ride the system until I read of all the disconnect problems in another thread. Maybe HF is still too much of a Beta product to push the availability concern with Verizon. Still waiting to hear from some of you guys who said you'd report back after your installation. How about it? Love it, hate it, any problems?

Oh, I just gotta tell you guys about the call from HughesNet after I cancelled their sorry service. I'm sitting in my man cave playing Halo 4 online with 4 friends and HughesNet calls me. I put them on the speakerphone and left the sound up on my game.

HN: How are you this evening?

Me: Doing great. Playing Halo online with some friends.

HN: So I guess you're enjoying your HughesNet service.

Me: Are you kidding me? You can't play online with HN. I'm using Verizon 4G to play online.

During all this, the audio from the game is really booming through my Surround Sound system and sub-woofer. Weapons firing and all kinds of stuff blowing up.

HN: We're sorry to see you leave the HughesNet family. Why are you leaving?

Me: You have to ask? Oh, of course you do. You're reading from a script. No offense to you, as you're only an employee doing your job, but HN sucks the big one.

I went on about the slow speeds, high Ping (1100 or so), and the fact you never talk to someone who has English as their first language unless it's a sales goon. Tech support is always Ali Baba.

Anyway, I hadn't had that much fun in a LONG time. It was just one of those moments you usually only dream about. Sure was a pleasure to FIRE HughesNet.

Back on topic. So, any news to report about installation and operational problems with HF?