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[TWC] Ubee Extreme Modem Defaulting to "disabled" Wifi

The subject is basically my question, I recently upgraded to the extreme service and set up my wifi, but my primary network keeps defaulting back to "disabled" after use, it varied from working for hours at a time to a few minutes. Every time I seem to have to reset the settings to default and start over and setting up my wifi... any know as to why it is doing this?


Fremont, NE

Re: [TWC] Ubee Extreme Modem Defaulting to "disabled"

You sound like you have a coding issue to me, I believe Extreme includes a "Modem with FREE Home Wifi" of course you pay the $4(I need to verify this with a TWC rep still) a month for the modem rental but the wifi is free as it says. That how it seems to be for me with Extreme and an Arris TG862G.


San Antonio, TX
reply to JacobJ

You need to call in and have the rep add the wireless billing code to your account it should be billed at $0.00 a month once they do that and send a hit a reboot should fix it. You might need to redo the wireless one last time.