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TWC / Insight is telemarketing Louisville customers ...

… and how to stop it.

I got a recent telemarketing call from TWC, the number was (513) 847-0093. Salesman was polite, and the call quickly (thankfully) devolved into asking me who are my current TV and phone providers (I'm an Internet only customer).

Hanging up or saying No thanks will only bring more calls later.

Unless you like these calls, you need to say the magic words: "I don't want this type of call, please place me on your do not call list." The salesman was quite polite, stopped his spiel immediately and let me know that it will take up to 30 days to be removed from their call list.

Even though there is an established business relationship that exempts them from the force-of-law do not call list, TWC / Insight will honor your request to stop telemarketing with offers. They don't want angry customers.


Fort Thomas, KY
I received a call too. Same number. I told him I was thinking about moving to S.C. and would probably be canceling soon which ended the call pretty quickly.

I know that I have asked them to put me on their "do not call list", and I have explained time after time that I have DirecTV for the NFL Sunday ticket so I don't want their cable tv offering, and that I haven't had a home phone for 6 years now because of my cell phone, so I don't want their home phone service.

Still, they come to my house and try to get me to bundle. They leave notes on my door. I get offers in the mail all the time. It's constant, and somewhat of a pain. The trials of being a broadband only subscriber, lol!

Anyway, to the sales guys credit, he was nice about everything, I just need to remind them to put me back on the "do not call list". I wonder with Time Warner buying them that they just decided to start over with a new list...


Columbus, OH
Its possible that since as I reported earlier Insight addresses are populating on twc.com that the sales team were giving this new list to start using since were now or soon be all TWC branded.