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reply to old_wiz_60

Re: Judges...

Unfortunately, your last statement in particular is very true.

What would SCOTUS do, send the police after the NSA? That's not their job. The President is supposed to enforce the constitution, and he's a major culprit.

Lavalette, WV
Unfortunately, this is a much bigger problem than anyone anticipated.
Allow me to place this in perspective.

All of the pieces are fitting together, at least how I see it.

Everyone is counting on the American citizen to not care, know, or notice that their freedoms are being eroded in the name of 'safety', of fighting terrorism and drugs, etc.

But, this is exactly what the People want, at least those who were emotionally impacted by anything like terrorism or murders, etc.

These people, with their emotions in turmoil, inevitably support any legislation to protect them (and their loved ones) from harm, because they don't want to have to go through that emotional roller-coaster ever again; it would be too painful.

Of course, it isn't just people who were impacted by the bad side of humanity, but also those who are looking towards a better life for themselves.

College kids, people down on their luck, etc., all these people, in the promise of 'free stuff', of not having to work for a living, of having all the creature comforts and a modest living - all of them are lured in, because no one wants to 'look the gift horse in the mouth' - they all have forgotten that nothing in this world is free, everything costs at least something.

The people in Government, in pursuit of the Utopia, desire a world (or at least country) where the fact that it is a dystopian place is hidden from the populace - you know, "Bread and Circuses", right?
A non-dystopian Utopia is simply completely unobtainable.

So, they move, in their positions of power, towards their goals, of creating the Perfect World, despite the fact such a thing is unattainable in the current human nature.

The human condition will not support such a world (or country, etc), because inevitably someone else will have something no one else has - this will lead to the Government confiscating that property, leaving innovation, personal motivation to die off.

Of course, the end scenario is inevitable - with everyone living off the Government in some form, with everyone with equal wealth, there will be no one left working aside from those in other countries.
With no new money coming in, aside from borrowing or some other means aside from taxing people (since no one works anymore), hyperinflation sets in, leaving those living off government money unable to now pay for what they desired and now had.

The Government may become weak, not having anyone willing to fight (because everyone is too busy enjoying their 'free stuff'), leaving the US to be easily conquered by a hostile force.


If the government really is moving "towards their goals", ruining the country and forcing themselves out of a job doesn't sound very smart. Not that many people would call our political leaders smart.

Lavalette, WV

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