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Re: [BC] Nelson shaw customers overpaying for something they can


Fibre upgrades are occurring and we are about 3-4 weeks away from it going live. Once this happens, all speed related issues will be resolved.

Also Digital Network upgrades should happen around June, so there will be further service enhancements then too.

I apologize for the delay and i'll continue to update this thread as I receive information.


Winnipeg, MB
Well I would like to know some answers. I understand that a new cable was laid under Kootney Lake and brought to Nelson , which will increase our band widths as you say.

Thing is I live on the North Shore and the cables are coming from Balfour is my understanding. Im on the highway a few miles outside Nelson, and the Nodes here are not congested, so I should be getting the speeds you are talking about. It is April 2013 And nothing has changed in three years. and Shaw has been saying the same thing for three years to me. `Yes your problems will be fixed in two weeks``

Well they are not and if i knew how to copy paste Shaw speed tests I can prove it. Shaw throttles our network at certain times of the day so they do not over load NODES.

Unfortunately I still can not play video games from 4 till 12 every day. As my ping goes from 29 to 230 in a matter of an hour every day. And goes back down again same time every day.

Very frustrating as ive been told the same thing for three years. Please tell me when we get high speed internet. As Im not believing this hype train again by shaw. I followed this thread patiently for a long time before I posted but now im speaking up cause my speeds havent changed in three years.