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The next time a group of planes or god forbid, a small nuclear device is denoted in "downtown", we will be free to discuss the merits of the privacy of our communications. If you are not involve in illegal activities, why worry about privacy? I certainly doesn't care who wants to listen in on my "private" communication since I would be a fool to be discussing anything remotely illegal on the Telephone or any other medium of electronic communications.


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The Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment to deal with such tyrants.

9/11 and a LOT of other "events" are an inside job designed to infringe upon our 4th Amendment rights.


Calgary, AB
reply to DaveSin
It's not only about illegal activities. It's about listening in on our personal coversations and having the ability to act against a person or group that the Government deems hostile to it's own agenda.

You and I are having a chat about our dislike of the government and we agree to start a movement against it. Next thing you know we're branded traitors. (don't think that's just being paranoid)

The constitution was created to prevent that very scenario but we're letting our Governments take it away with very little fight at all. (Canada is following suit in many ways)

Our childrens' safety and security has a price but not at the price we're facing. Our grandparents fought against this VERY form of society. Now they're gone and here we are all over again.


Milford, CT
reply to DaveSin
said by DaveSin:

If you are not involve in illegal activities, why worry about privacy?

Would you be OK with letting the police search your home any time they wanted? How about giving the police a key so they can come in and go through your stuff while you're not home? Would you allow them to install cameras in your home to watch you 24/7? After all if you're not doing anything illegal, you don't need privacy, right?