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online backup for MAC


I'm new to FIOS and got the online backup and security, the security is working fine, however I cannot locate a download for the online backup.

I did locate one by doing a google search however its not compatible with the latest MAC OS.

Any help would be appreciated


Lakewood, CA
You might want to try using Carbonite. Decent service with data encryption.


Rochester, NY
reply to WGBILL
I had a bad experience with Carbonite, their app for the Mac bogged down my computer horribly, they stated that the program is a "work in progress" I switched to Crashplan, the computer runs better with it. Carbonites support is excellent, but could not help and solve the problem, they promptly refunded my money, I hope to try them later on when they fix the issues.


Long Beach, CA
reply to WGBILL
Try this link for Mac software: »vzsharing.verizon.net/applicatio ··· are.aspx


Springfield, PA
reply to aboz
Agreed about Carbonite on the Mac, they were no help
in resolving this, not implemented correctly.

Carbonite is terrible on the Mac, fine on my PC. It gets hung up with no warning and I bailed out on it.

On my new Mac, I've switched to CrashPlan and it is working great. Very comparable in price and features. Highly recommended.

Also much more flexible in terms of configuration


Keep this in mind, people forget...you backup is only
as good as your capability to restore successfully.
You need to test from time to time you can get at your
files if needed. I would not trust or use any online
storage "gimick" from Verizon/Dell/Cisco, etc. They
might be OK, but stick with something in the mainstream
that gives a company reason to support it.


Montclair, NJ

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West Chester, PA
reply to PJL
There doesn't appear to be Mac software there, just Windows apps. Maybe they pulled it?
I do local news. My top site: www.unionvilletimes.com


Long Beach, CA
·Verizon FiOS
It is there, but not obvious at first glance. I missed the first time I visited the page. The page has a frame entitled "software downloads" and you need to scroll the frame down by moving the down scroll bar for the frame, not the entire web page window. The item is:
"Online Backup Mac
- Compatible with Mac OS® X version 10.5 through 10.7 on Intel®-based Macintosh® computers..."

One note: Verizon tends to lag in posting what they "officially" support. For example, they said Media Manager for PC did not support anything past Windows 7 installations, but I installed it with no problem on Windows 8. They also say they don't support IE10 but their sites run fine on it.


reply to MagScribe
It appears that the latest MAC OS is not supported, I think i'll be cancelling that part of my service