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Bah Humbug
The Boro
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reply to Kyawa


said by Kyawa:

That is too funny. The list of modems to buy came from the person at Comcast who's putting the business package together. So I tried to find the Netgear and its not commercially available.

If your salesperson mentioned the SB612x series modems as a possibility for a static IP account, or the Netgear gateway box as a purchased device, I would advise trying to find another salesperson who has a clue about what Comcast actually allows. I sounds as if your salesperson is only interested in getting you to sign a contract (any contract), and is not at all interested in providing you with the service that you actually need.

As has been previously mentioned in this thread, Comcast will only allow static IP addresses on their leased Comcast branded SMC or Netgear gateway boxes.Neither the SMC or Netgear gateway boxes that Comcast will allow on their network are legally available for purchase by the customer; they are strictly leased boxes from Comcast.
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