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Checking quality of FiOS connection?

Hey all,

I've been noticing lagginess on all of my computers when it comes to web browsing. Regardless of the website (Google.com,, the browser (any browers/any computer [Mac/Win] in my home network) would show "Waiting...." at the bottom status bar.

I've cleared caches, temp files, hot reset router, and reset connection setups within the OSes. This issue is happening been happening intermittently, especially worse at the night time. I only have 4 computers in my home network. No one is hogging any bandwidth. What could it be? I initially thought it was the internet connection itself, but since I'm having issue accessing the router settings page, I'm guessing it's more of a router issue?

Is there anything I can check or look into to narrow the potential problems? I've been on FiOS for 20 months now. I only noticed this issue over the past month.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!


I have the Actiontec MI424 Rev F router btw.

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West Chester, PA
reply to kl323
Not sure what you mean by a "hot reset".

Try a hard reset. Press the button on the back in for 10 seconds, or until all the lights go out.
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Sorry for the confusion, but I basically did what you just said. I meant to say hard reset.


Springfield, PA
reply to kl323
What exactly do you mean by "lagginess"?

I did get better page loadings when I switched away
from Verizon's DNS (I use OpenDNS). Still other
slowness issues from time to time, but things respond.

If you mean a delay when you hit return to when the page
starts to load, the DNS switch on the router will likely
help a little.