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London, ON
reply to goldenegg

Re: Unlimited Internet option on Rogers for a limited time

said by goldenegg:

It doesn't say that anywhere on their site though. It says "Now you can add unlimited internet to any package too!" and lists two options: $10 with cable/internet/phone bundle or $30 for the service alone.

They even call out that their internet speeds are up to 150Mbps, implying the deal applies to that tier as well.

»www.rogers.com/web/content/unlim ··· -_-slot2

Yea, It's about time somebody filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Council. Maybe they'll slap Rogers with another 10 million $$$ fine for lying their ass off AGAIN. Look good on the thieves.

said by asc:

1. Accuracy and Clarity

In assessing the truthfulness and accuracy of a message, advertising claim or representation under Clause 1 of the Code the concern is not with the intent of the sender or precise legality of the presentation. Rather the focus is on the message, claim or representation as received or perceived, i.e. the general impression conveyed by the advertisement.

(a) Advertisements must not contain inaccurate, deceptive or otherwise misleading claims, statements, illustrations or representations, either direct or implied, with regard to any identified or identifiable product(s) or service(s).

(b) Advertisements must not omit relevant information in a manner that, in the result, is deceptive.

(c) All pertinent details of an advertised offer must be clearly and understandably stated.

(d) Disclaimers and asterisked or footnoted information must not contradict more prominent aspects of the message and should be located and presented in such a manner as to be clearly visible and/or audible.

(e) Both in principle and practice, all advertising claims and representations must be supportable. If the support on which an advertised claim or representation depends is test or survey data, such data must be reasonably competent and reliable, reflecting accepted principles of research design and execution that characterize the current state of the art. At the same time, however, such research should be economically and technically feasible, with due recognition of the various costs of doing business.

(f) The advertiser must be clearly identified in an advocacy advertisement.

»www.adstandards.com/en/standards ··· accuracy


said by elitefx:

Yea, It's about time somebody filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Council. Maybe they'll slap Rogers with another 10 million $$$ fine for lying their ass off AGAIN. Look good on the thieves.

Doing so now.


I just got told by Rogers that their advertisement for the unlimited promotion will be changed soon to reflect that it does not apply to the Ultimate package. When saying that I would move my services to Bell, since I can get their 175Mb/s service at the same price with unlimited, they didn't even try to stop me. Looks like I'm going to Bell.


Mississauga, ON
not even for 30 dollars per month? as standalone?


said by Satya:

not even for 30 dollars per month? as standalone?

They will offer it for $30/month, but that's not what is stated in their promotion.

I've filed complaints with Advertising Standards Canada, CRTC and CCTS. I don't expect anything to come of it, but Rogers needs to stop lying to their customers.


Thank you SO MUCH for posting this.

I was just browsing Google looking for how to cancel my contract without any Fees and I came upon this POST.

I have all 3 services and called Rogers and they upgraded me to unlimited.

No need to switch to Teksavvy or Acanac now. I am completely happy.

Total for services 135$/M incl tax

Express Internet
Fav Plan for home phone
Basic Cable


Markham, ON
reply to goldenegg
so Rogers Unlimited advertisement still doesn't reflect that it is not $10 for the 150 Mbps unlimited --- and they are still charging full price + 30 for the unlimited option --

not happy


Rogers + Bell Are Full Of ****
High Prices
No Gigabit Speeds
DNS Redirects (rogers)

Heck Routers Have Gigabit Wan Connections Now

North York, ON
Seriously MJB, I've had enough of your damned trolling.

I dislike both Bell and Rogers, but youre spouting off false bullshit.

Both Bell and Rogers have FTTH.
Most FTTH installations are not gigabit - even googles own google fiber, isn't actually gigabit.
Neither Bell or Rogers throttles. Take this from the person who did the Rogers vs Wow throttling complaint to the crtc.
All isps have caps. Bell & Rogers also have the unlimited option for their packages (incidentally, this is the thread to read as this its the unlimited option thread.. Maybe you should read it before spouting more bull).
As for the dns redirects on Rogers, you can opt out via a cookie after the redirect, as well, why anyone would still be using Rogers' dns servers after all the issues the last few years, people seriously get what they deserve for not switching their dns servers.

Knock off the trolling. Wasn't it enough you got most of your posts deleted yesterday in the Teksavvy forum for trolling?
Battle.net Tech Support MVP