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[VoIP] Trying to resolve TWCBC Arris ATA and Venture Analog Phon

Trying to find a resolution to conflict with my Analog Nortel Venture 3 line phone system(phones communicate on line 1 with each other) and the Erris TM 604G. Stutter ring(1/2 normal length), no Call ID, and difficulty in picking up line 1 all culprits. Found a similar post with Venture Phones and Comcast service from a few years back.

Owners manual for phones say a termination module may resolve interference from Non-Venture equipment connected to line 1 on the phone. Unable to locate such a module, and Aastra does not pick up their phones, assume this is a discontinued model, but widely available on the internet, some new, mostly used.

Any help would be appreciated!


Columbus, OH

Re: [VoIP] Trying to resolve TWCBC Arris ATA and Venture Analog

Have you searched on or ebay for that part?

reply to Help in SoCa
Do you remember if it was an attenuator? I've had issues with AT&T 4-line phones and Cisco ATAs. It's been a while, but one specific trouble was the line status LEDs not working. This device helped those situations, but only fits 25 pair connectors: » ··· 03602l1/

reply to OSUGoose
Yes... but without a part number have had no luck, found vendors in Canada selling system parts, but also without luck, no replies back..

reply to BOGBS
It did not specify...Thinking about a different system instead.