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Good Bye My Friend
reply to fartness

Re: If I move to the country?

septic means if you did not eat it, drink it, or wipe your ass with it then it does not go down a toilet/drain. no feminine hygene products, food scraps, etc...

wells are not a big deal, but during cold weather you will want to put a heat source in the pump house or the well could freeze.

critters, LOTS of critters. everything from bugs to mice to snakes to all sorts of wild animals. don't gripe about them, you decided to move to their home turf and you will not completely ever be rid of them.

as far as home maintenance, generally you won't be dealing with zone laws or HOA bylaws so you are free to paint as you like or let the grass grow an extra week between cuttings if you desire.

lastly, remember that cops will be long response times. be ready to defend your own property if necessary.
Lack of Preparation on YOUR Part does NOT Constitute an Emergency on Mine!