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Paris, IL
reply to fartness

Re: If I move to the country?

I live in the "country", actually just outside a town with around 9000 population.

-Most places here in rural Illinois, but not all, either currently have or are building out a rural water system.
-I use the well water for the yard and garden.
-We have an aeration septic - ~$100 per year to have it serviced.
-My internet is fixed wireless, but that company is currently transitioning to at-home 4G (true unlimited data) it will be alot faster
-You'll have to have sat. TV unless you go with an antenae
-The thing that bothered me most moving here was that I had gotten used to being able to buy anything I wanted at all hours of the night - that doesn't happen in rural areas unless Wal-Mart carries it.
-Another bothersome thing, although I enjoy it now, was when going through a checkout, they would carry on extended conversations with the person in front of me before finally taking their money.
-Older houses are a good deal in my opinion, nice woodwork, nice wood floors, curved top doorways, cast iron bathtubs, etc.
-It's all in what you want to get out of it.
-Did I mention no traffic?
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