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[OK] Speed Upgrade?

Hey folks,

I don't frequent the forums here, so please forgive me for being behind on the news.
What is this speed upgrade that everyone has been talking about? I saw the big 10 page thread on here about an increase, but nothing really looked official.

I noticed yesterday that my DOCSIS 3.0 Cisco dropped offline for a few minutes and when it came back, I now had four upload channels instead of just one like when I first got service. My upload speed is about double what it was. Anyone know if this is supposed to be permanent?


P.S. - I'm a Preferred customer at the moment.


Oklahoma City, OK
Rumor that others have posted on the forum for OKC is Q3 for speed upgrades. Not sure if you're in OKC or Tulsa.

This sounds to me like pre-work to get ready for those speeds.

Still bonding 8x1 here in Moore


Yeah, sorry for not mentioning - I'm in the Tulsa market. Q3 sounds some time away. I was hoping it'd be something in the next month or so. lol