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Jamaica, NY

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reply to KoolMoe

Re: If I move to the country?

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said by KoolMoe:

THEN, of course, hope that whatever water supply you can tap is not only decent tasting but not really polluted or dangerous.
And, if you have kids, no flouride (no biggie)...AND if you lose power, your well pump doesn't work, so have limited water reserve (whatever is in your tank) til the power comes back on...
...or, maybe of course, living in such a rural area, you'd have a generator hookup for it.

That is a big big problem. Most people never test their wells and regularly wind up with gasoline, tar shingle oil, solvents, diesel, heavy metal, mine tailings, dry cleaning fluid, landfill leachate, paint, lead and lithium batteries oxides, natural gas and drilling lubricants in their water. You never know what your neighbor buried on his property that he didn't want to take to the local transfer station, or in some areas pay to have picked up.