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Flt Rider
Appleton, WI

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Re: If I move to the country?

I moved to the sticks 20 years ago. Regardless of if you build or buy, here are the issues I have had to deal with or change our ways of life about:
1. Internet access. 3G was good while it lasted until it was oversold. Forget about 4G for a few years, so Exede became my best friend. DO NOT stream Netflix, etc. and you'll be fine.
2. Septic system. For the young ladies in your home, they can't flush "feminine" items. This will clog your field and cause issues. Period (literally).
3. Varmints. Get a gun. I've raised all kinds of animals only to see them become food for varmints such as racoons, coyotes, etc. That is, of course, until I started thinning the herd. We now have chickens, and haven't lost a one yet.

Also, mail delivery becomes a treat. If you are used to getting your mail regularly, and at the same time every day, forget it. If we get snow, it doesn't come. I know, nor rain, nor sleet, etc, thats BS. Plus, it comes at all times of the day and night.

Finally, with kids in highschool, the more out of the way homes like mine become the favorite target for homecoming week toilet papering. They got me once. I have gotten even from then on. Simple outdoor motion detectors from Harbor Freight with the receivers in the house. I jump out the door screaming, and the kids wet themselves trying to vacate the area. I have acquired many cases of TP that way. The cheap bastards use the stuff thats like sand paper, so its tough to make use of it....
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