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Tavistock NJ

The sketchy part is contacting Comcast Security group

To end the blocker pop ups, you have to contact Comcast's Customer Security Assurance dept. And that is where the punishment may click in. Comcast's Security department is notoriously unresponsive, undermanned, and never returns calls. To actually get Comcast to stop the blocker or walled garden may be quite an ordeal, especially if they get buried in a large number of violations. The offending infringer may not be disconnected by Comcast, but they may end up waiting many days to get back online.
I will be perfectly happy if the budget cuts specified in the Budget Control Act go into effect. 3 cheers for the sequester. Take the money from the drunken federal spenders.

Not sure where you have gotten your information on this group, but historically I've found them easy to reach. I had received a notice about a virus on my computer and reached out to them for help. I had to wait a minute or two on hold, but they were there. I'm pretty sure they have a published number on the security page and they answer the phone--that would make them one of the most responsive groups of this type IMO. I don't know of any other ISPs that put themselves out there like that and answer the phone.