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Tavistock NJ
reply to Mr Matt

Re: Locked up in a walled garden.

said by Mr Matt:

As I read Comcast's policy, the customers will not allowed access to the internet except for essential websites (which websites considered essential are not defined) unless the customer takes some action to exit the walled garden.

I believe they used the term essential SERVICES. Meaning your voice calls will still work, and your home security application will work. But you wouldn't be able to browse anywhere as long as the browser hijack is active.
»customer.comcast.com/help-and-su ··· services
Comcast designed our browser alert system not to interfere with a subscriber’s essential services, such as digital telephone service (for example to call 911) whoever the telephone service provider, email, security or health service.
And when they say email will work, they mean their email system, not a web email app like gmail.
I will be perfectly happy if the budget cuts specified in the Budget Control Act go into effect. 3 cheers for the sequester. Take the money from the drunken federal spenders.