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Heave Steve, for the good of the country
reply to fartness

Re: If I move to the country?

said by fartness:

Thanks for the replies so far. Heat is something I didn't even think of.

Get a large propane cylinder installed. Many propane companies will install the cylinder for free. Use the propane for heating & cooking. If you are building, suggest you use radiant floor heating with a condensing boiler - this will give you the best heating for lowest fuel costs. You can also do snowmelt. Tanks can either be installed above or in-ground »www.paracogas.com/sample-tank-si ··· nk-sizes

Also consider fire sprinklers installed as you build. Fire service response can be MANY minutes in rural areas. If you're building in an area with trees very close to the home and are worried about fire reaching the home, create a fire break between the house and the trees - you could also install a 2000 gal. cistern and have sprinkler heads installed on the roof that can spray the entire structure in the event of a forest fire.

Spend a little more money on low/no-maintenance materials - ie. metal roof, brick or Hardie siding for the exterior.

If you build a basement and don't have municipal water to power a no-electricity backup sump pump, consider installing a battery-backed up pump with a solar panel charger (to deal with electrical outages when you're away). Make sure that you install some means of connecting backup electrical power to your panel - either a full-time standby-generator or for a portable genset.