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Upper Marlboro, MD
reply to Angrychair

Re: It's only illegal if you're caught

said by Angrychair:

The republicans practically are attempting this sort of thing in a very underhanded way. They're attempting to change voting laws to make it possible for them to win elections even when they dramatically lose. See the scheme they're attempting to implement in Virginia.

This is really off topic of warrantless wire tapping, but Pot meet kettle. This door swings both ways so have a look here: » ··· district

"At that time, and with the benefit of popular incumbent Republican moderates Bob Ehrlich and Connie Morella, the Republicans held a surprising four of the state's eight seats. In a decidedly "blue" state, Democrats were frustrated by the evenly split delegation."

Basically if you are a republican in MD, don't bother voting because from the electoral college on down, it won't matter for anything because of how far Democrats have shifted this state in their favor. Not to mention the Washington Post releasing a "poll" that says 80% of MD residents are in favor of fingerprinting just to own a firearm and the last two questions of this poll show that 80% of the respondents don't own a firearm to begin with and are 40% democratic (20% were republican and the rest were independent).

If we required finger printing, photo ID and annual renewal charges for the right to Vote, how many people in MD would be OK with that? None since most illegals vote democrat and mandating a voter ID law would pretty much mean their voting base would be decimated.
"My weakness is that I care too much"


Jacksonville, FL
Wow, that's quite a bit of ignorance and venom for only 206 words.

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
reply to TheHelpful1
said by Angrychair:

None since most illegals vote democrat and mandating a voter ID law would pretty much mean their voting base would be decimated.

Illegals don't vote.

It's right up there with the "Everyone on Welfare votes Democrat."
Well, this is Oklahoma, as Red as it gets, and 25% on the population receive direct Government assistance of some kind or another, and that's not counting the people claiming EIC and other handouts.

The reality is, that many types of people believe in "Sticking it to the Gub'mint" and that most people on welfare don't vote at all.
"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini


Newburgh, NY
Most people (period) don't vote. What's the point? The Party gives you a choice of candidate A or candidate B, both of which are only interested in making themselves and their "friends" richer, and screwing you.
"when the people have suffered many abuses under the control of a totalitarian leader, they not only have the right but the duty to overthrow that government." - The U.S. Declaration of Independence