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Oakville, ON

[Anveo] Possible to send VMWI over SMS?

I know Anveo has the capability in their API to send SMS messages, but I haven't seen anything about being able to send the VMWI indicator to cell phones over SMS. If we can craft this bitstream (change the DCS octet to a network notification instead), is there a way we can have Anveo send it?

The reason why I ask is I'm changing my cell provider to one that charges $8/month for voicemail, and I'd like to use Anveo's (or's, or whatever). It'd be nice to set the message waiting indicator instead of relying on my missed calls list, but if I can't, I can't.

I suppose the other question is whether or not carriers would accept network messages from external sources onto their network. But hopefully somebody here has the answer!

Thanks as always!


Saint-Constant, QC
MWI over SMS I don't know.

However for anveo, under Edit Voicemail Box/Profile, notification tab, you can specify either an email address and/or SMS number.

Also, you can send the notification through an email to SMS gateway. You can do the same with

You will need to configure your cell phone to forward the call to your anveo/ DID when busy, no answer or unreachable. (GSM codes)



Oakville, ON
Forwarding my phone isn't a problem, I just need to find a provider that supports a custom UDH when sending an SMS message. I've found lots of companies in the UK that do it but none in North America... yet.

This can't possibly be that hard... it's just another field in the SMS data packet. It could easily be exposed via the API, assuming the provider had the ability to send such messages.