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Waunakee, WI

Loyal Customer Bill Credit

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Snapshot of itemized bill
So I get my bill this month... expecting it to be a lot higher as my old promotions are running out... then see the price is actually less, and had this note on the bill along with a separate letter stating the same thing...

Customer Loyalty Discount - At Charter, we're
committed to providing you with an outstanding
customer experience. We wanted you to know that the
promotional discount on one or more of your services
recently expired. In appreciation of your loyalty as a
customer, we are applying a discount of $25 off of
standard rates for another 12 months. This will be
reflected on your bill and no action is necessary on your
part. Thank you for choosing Charter!

Now I still have a "-20.11" for Digital Home and "-17.80" for Internet Base promotions.... not sure if those will run out or what. I guess I'll find out net month.


Howard City, MI
it will take up to two more billings until you find out your final rate. they prorate changes in middle of month to muck up billing

Thanks for bringing OP down hard!!

At least I didn't have to say that first!
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Saint Louis, MO
Yeah, I just got my bill, after dropping TV service and just going with internet. I am on the 2nd year of a two year agreement. After dropping the TV, I was expecting a bill of $34.99. My bill this month is $18.99. Something about "partial month charges", whatever that means. So I guess I'll get the real surprise on the next month's bill.


Waunakee, WI
reply to cork1958
oh, i figure those two "minuses" will be going away... they had told me last month my bill (including taxes) would go from like $146 to $198 or something for all of the same services.

Now with this $25 credit, I'll probably just drop HBO when the other credits run out and be about back where I was. Or just cry to the retention Dept.

I do now have TDS TV in my area (same tech as Uverse), I might give that a look, but their internet is only about 15Meg.

at least I have options if I go to the retentions dept. and fail.