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Potomac, MD

Verizon Business DSL static IP reverse lookup failed

Starting yesterday, the static IP address on our DSL line from Verizon no longer seems to be resolved with a host name. This caused several hundreds of our emails not being accepted by other mail servers (as their reverse lookup all failed). It used to have a PTR record like this: static-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX.res.east.verizon.net.

the dsl gateway we are connected to does not resovle either.

contacted verzion tech support, and they could not fighure it out. and they asked me to write to business-support@verizonbussiness.com.

Have anyone been affected by this DNS outage?

any advise.


Potomac, MD
Okay, after calling verizon business support a few times today, I was able to get the troubleshooting ticket processed right away. They finally fixed the problem. They stated they had to add back the PTR record, but I doubt it. What had happened was likely the issue with one of their DNS servers, and they might just have restarted the server.

(when doing a nslookup, it was server error and not non-exsiting domain, which indicates it was DNS server error).

anyway, our emails started to going out....