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reply to Crashrun2003

Re: CRTC Decision

Im probably too late to have any effect on what Start is going to do plan-wise but for me Id be happiest with peak hour throttling. Acanacs plans since the CRTC decision have switched to 14/1 during peak 7pm -12am, down from 28/1 the rest of the time.

I know Im a medium to heavy user but I usually shift my downloading to off-peak anyway so that others in my household can use the internet without our router getting bogged down. Id probably peg my usage at a minimum of 160gb a month without a cap, but ive honestly only been keeping track since rogers brought in their caps. (what a rip). But I want that unlimited, if I have to pay more for it like in Starts basic plan then I'll do it, or if its peak throttling Id take that too.

Im honestly waiting to see Starts new plans before I leave Rogers, Im tired of the overage fees and fast lines with low caps. Start seems like a pretty good company, Id really like to go with them so having some way to get unlimited at $40-65 a month would be great, otherwise I'll be probably be switching to Acanac to take my chances with them.

Just 2 cents from a lurker