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Shrinking Time and Distance
Frisco, TX
·Time Warner Cable

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reply to Crookshanks

Re: Dearest Mob

said by Crookshanks:

There will be a market for faster upload speeds as "the cloud" takes off, but barring the next killer app I think we're fast approaching the "Who cares?" point with download speeds. In your instance I would think about paying the $20 for the extra upload, though I'd probably conclude that $20 for 1mbit/s isn't worth it.

I agree that the increasing push toward cloud services will be useless without a commensurate bump in upload speeds. I did indeed conclude that $20 more for an extra megabit of upstream was not worth it, as much as it hurts. My use of "cloud services" is still fairly low (almost necessarily, at speeds like this) but I have been using them more in the last year or two. If I could jump from 1 Mb to 5 Mb for $20 I'd probably do it, but I'd need to pay at least $30 or $40 more per month to achieve that.

I've seen Comcast becoming a lot more competitive in that particular arena and wish I still lived in a Comcast area, as much as I can't believe I'm saying that. The most data I ever used in a single month was only half of their 250 GB soft cap.

said by Crookshanks:

I'd rather have 100% of a slower connection 24/7 than some fraction of my faster connection from 8pm to 1am....

Same here. Even though I am not on a tier that requires channel bonding, I got a DOCSIS 3 modem recently to bond enough channels to get around the peak time congestion issues (during which I would see 3-4 Mb/sec tops). Since we have so many downstream channels here in DFW I have never seen my line running at less than 100% since. Giving up Powerboost for this was unquestionably worth it.
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Binghamton, NY

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I pushed my cable provider to give a DOCSIS 3.0 modem for the same reason as you, thankfully they went along with it. They bond three downstream channels around these parts, and don't bond upstream channels at all. Somewhat surprised I haven't had issues with my 2mbit/s upstream, they are running with channel widths/modulations that only provide for a 10.24mbit/s of total upstream, so I can use nearly 20% of that if I peg my connection. Amazingly enough I haven't seen any slowdowns with my upstream, so I'm either on a node with people who don't use it, or my provider knows how to properly manage contention ratios.

My worst experience with oversubscribed DOCSIS was with Time Warner in Binghamton. One of my apartments was lucky to get >1.5mbit/s during peak hours, it was bad enough that you couldn't even maintain a low quality Netflix stream. They were ostensibly selling 10mbit/s connections, 15mbit/s for "turbo", but you could only achieve those speeds at 4am. 3.0/768 Verizon DSL was better than Time Warner's 10/1 or 15/1 products, since you at least got the promised speed with DSL.