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Outlook 2013 - Group Inbox for Multiple Accounts

I just picked up Office 2013 and cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I have several imap email accounts setup that all work fine. The problem is they have their own unique inbox. What I would like is that all email go to one email box so that I am not trying to figure out which account just received an email.

I had Thunderbird configured this way but if anyone knows how it works in Outlook, please let me know! The odd thing is that my older versions of outlook did this automatically. I am not sure what happened here.


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1. Open Microsoft Outlook and click on File menu.

2. In the File menu, click on Account Settings and in the drop down menu that appears, select Settings again.

3. You will be presented with the Account Settings window that lists all of your existing email accounts. Make sure you are on the Email tab

4. Click on the email account whose inbox you wish to combine. MS Outlook will present you with Change Folder option towards the bottom of the Account Settings window.

5. In the Change Folder dialog box, select Outlook and then Inbox. If you wish the mail to be delivered to a custom folder, click New Folder to create a new folder. In case you wish to use a new PST file for email, you can select New Outlook File. But since your contacts, calendar etc are already stored in outlook.pst, it is better to select Outlook -> Inbox as it will save time on backing up files .

6. Once you have selected the folder you wish, click OK.

7. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for each email account inbox you want to combine.

8. Close the Account Settings window
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I'll see if I can dig up the thread on the MS answers site, but I would avoid Outlook 2013 and IMAP. I ran into the same issue many people did. It will work for a couple weeks then you'll look and one of your inboxes will be empty. Then you have to delete the ost, and it will be back for a few hours and then empty again. Also, it's not always deleting messages.

In other words, it might be best to move to something else or stick with an older Outlook. Myself I moved from Thunderbird to Postbox, since it was based on Thunderbird. It's been working fine with all my IMAP accounts.

H2OuUp2 - Thanks but in imap it does not appear that way. the change folder is only visible on pop3.

QuaffAPint - Yeah I am getting bent. I removed the mailboxes and went to pop3. I have my folders the way I want but in the pop3 mode, I am unable to send email. The test emails are sent and received. However when I create a new message and send it sits in the outbox and I get a connection error. I manually configured the settings as I have done a hundred times over the years. I know it is right because the test emails are received.

Bottom line - Outlook 2013 has some bugs!

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This works, but its fugly

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I had the same problem and did not like the IMAP accounts.

This is a post i started back then, and here is what i did
»Office 2013 and Charter mail

by default Outlook 2013 will auto setup your Charter e-maill accounts as IMAP type, and that means it no longer will use the PST file format and will use the new OST file format.
It also created a different mailbox and OST file for each account i setup. I did not like that as i had all my accounts setup to delivery mail to one inbox in my PST file in outlook 2010.
I found that if you did the manual setup you could still chose POP and point it to a PST file, it takes a little longer to setup but its much better IMHO. So now all accounts from Charter will go into one Inbox in One PST file and i don't have to click each account to view the 10 folder each just to check new e-mails in each account.

I see you are having send problems.
You must set the out going server to

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Here is what I did to resolve the issues.

1. Scrapped IMAP and went back to POP3. I would rather have the ability to group email easily. I actually found an easy way with rules to move everything to one inbox but I was still having imap issues.

2. POP3 was still not sending email but the test email was sent with no problem. Very odd. How in the hell can a test email work but not an actual email?

Outlook 2013 has many issues with add-ins. It seems all antivirus programs are having issues and cause the application to immediately abend. I disabled the eset add-in which stopped the application from crashing. However emails were still not sent. I ended up disabling the Microsoft Exchange add-in and everything is working fine now. I need to find out what disabling that add-in does now.

Appreciate the help everyone.


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Thank You for this answer. I was going to ask the same question.