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This is a sub-selection from Dearest Time Warner

reply to Crookshanks

Re: Dearest Mob

Could not disagree more. I live in Manhattan where I pay $100/month for 50mb down and 5 up, not because it is easy to rationalize or even afford such a cost, but because I need to utilize the high speeds on a daily basis. There IS a demand for this type of high speed internet in large urban areas and elsewhere; the problem is that the current pricing is unreasonable and prohibitive to a lot of people, and to top it off, TWC is the only high speed provider in my area so there is no competition and thus no reason to stop price gouging the consumer. I don't at all believe that there's no consumer demand; I believe that people can't afford the higher tiers and therefore don't consider them a viable option at this time. The only way I see this changing is by way of competitive pricing, and there first needs to be competition.