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Rep said I can't purchase my own eMTA modem..?

Called into ABB today because we want to get our own modem instead of theirs. Told the rep that we have Triple Play and asked him to go through the list of approved modems with me to tell me which one of the 'phone' modems i could get to use in my area (Sunny Isles Beach, FL). The rep said that i cannot get any because 'phone' modems are not sold anywhere, and if they are, then they are stolen. I said that they are all available for sale on Amazon, and his response was "well, they must be stolen". Ignoring the fact that that's the stupidest thing i've heard all week, is it true that I can't buy and use my own 'phone' modem? Well.. I know i can buy one, but can i hook it up and use it?


Altoona, PA
Hello elshimiz. What the representative told you was correct. I know it sounds odd, but Motorola and Arris generally do not sell eMTA's direct to consumers. They are only provided to cable companies. When you see one for sale on Amazon or Ebay, it is not likely to be sold new in retail packaging. They are not carried by electronics retailers. You can check Best Buy, Staples, Wal-Mart, Target and any other electronics retailer and you won't find an eMTA.

You do have to get it from us, if you want our phone service. I apologize, but that is the truth.

The primary reason is phone providers have an obligation for providing phone service specifically to dial 911 for emergencies. This gives us obligations to customers in making sure phone service is working and reliable, so one of the ways we ensure the service is working is we provide and install the eMTA.