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Harmony Remote

New Ultra Tv user with all three services, wondering about using the Harmony 300. Those who use Harmony remotes were you able to fully access the DVR options like pause, fast forward, skip back, etc.? Also, was there any lag time or delay with using it? Overall just wondering if there were any limitations when using it.

Still surprised the remote that came with doesn't even have a change input option for the tv!

Thanks for any help!

Body Count

Columbus, OH

I have the Harmony One remote. Don't use it for cable TV because the Ultra TV remote is so specialized. Harmony One remote doesn't have the buttons needed unless I program them into the touchscreen portion. And I hate the touchscreen buttons because I have fat fingers (i'm not fat, just very tall so I have big hands lol).

There is a code to use for Harmony remotes to make it work. It's on these forums somewhere. Use the search function to find it.

Basically I just use my harmony one remote when I want to watch a blu-ray or my roku box.


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I also have Ultra TV and was able to program my Harmony 880 to control all aspects of the media player.

Naperville, IL

My Harmony One works great with Ultra TV.

Redford, MI
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I love my Harmony 300 remotes - wish they were still widely available

»harmony remotes Harmony 300


Westlake, OH
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I have a Harmony 900 to run my home theater/Ultra tv and it works great. This one uses RF with an IR repeater, since my theater equipment is on the other side of a wall. There is just a tiny amount of lag due to the RF, but it works great with the Ultra TV.



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Following up after just getting the Harmony 300:

It works great! Was able to program everything from the WOW remote on to the Harmony. Most of it automatically was configured and then a couple functions I just had to choose what button to control it. I was most impressed that it was able to control my "roku-like" box that I use for international programming.