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Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
reply to mountlaurel

updated stuff

which channels in particular. You mean like this »tinypic.com/view.php?pic=29ypqb9 ··· pqb9&s=6 ?
»support.tivo.com/euf/assets/imag ··· able.jpg
or do you mean »i68.photobucket.com/albums/i1/05 ··· s012.jpg

Cisco areas are using the S25 software guide and moving to the S26 software guide. This change wouldn't affect the TiVo since it runs on the cableboxes. There is supposed to be a firmware update to the Cisco/SA cablecards to correct a "not authorized" message that randomly appears on both the cablecard equipped cableboxes, and any customer owned device that uses a cablecard such as TiVo and Moxi and home theater computers. Unfortunately I don't have any information about what firmware version was pushed to the cards but once I know that information I can look into it with Cisco's support and look into the release notes to see if there are any known issues. You can find the card information if you go to Settings & Messages -> Settings -> Remote, CableCARD, & Devices -> CableCARD Decoder -> CableCARD Options -> CableCARD Menu -> CableCARD Diag Screen

then look for
H/W Model:
Bldr Ver:
OS Ver:
Build Time:
I'm always up for a good chat and helping with VoIP testing so my contact info is below.
Gigaset.net: Michael Wolf
Callcentric: 17772288600
SIP URI: sip:226976325024#9@sip.gigaset.net and sip:17772288600@in.callcentric.com
Skype: MikeWolf051