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This is a sub-selection from Since when...?


Hollywood, FL
reply to NormanS

Re: Since when...?

In South Florida, AT&T (U-verse) has been VERY consistently good for me. I have Max Turbo (24mbps down, 3mbps up).

In the interest of full disclosure, I had to REALLY kick, scream, and throw tantrums to get it... and they tried their hardest to not let me have my way... but it's been awesome ever since the day they finally got everything working. I can go to speedtest.net almost anytime and get at least 23.8mbps down and 2.85mbps up without even trying, as long as there isn't more than one active video stream at that moment (with two streams, the download speeds fall to around 19-20mbps).

My experience has been that AT&T/U-verse bandwidth is real, and backed by solid backhaul & tier-1 connectivity to the rest of the world... in stark contrast to Comcast, who's blisteringly fast as long as you don't leave their local network, but falls flat on its face the moment you try connecting to a server in Taipei or London through a VPN... and their domestic connectivity to non-Comcast networks wasn't much to brag about, either.

The one thing AT&T gets nailed for is the fact that with U-verse, your TV streams eat into your internet connectivity unless you either have a slow internet package, or you're on their 32/5 profile and don't watch a lot of TV. But within the technical constraints imposed by VDSL2, everything I've seen has been pretty solid and good.


Miami Beach, FL
I am getting about 12 down and 1.5 up from advertised 18 down, but it's not too bad.At least not as ridiculously expensive as Concast.
That u verse gateway is horrible though.