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Re: Dearest Mob

said by Crookshanks:

Most consumers will not pay $70/mo for broadband service, regardless of how fast or slow it is. $70/mo in my neck of the woods buys you a 30mbit/s connection, which is not bad at all IMHO, yet the overwhelming majority of people still opt for the 5mbit/s tier. Hell, the 10mbit/s tier is only $5/mo more than the 5mbit/s tier, yet it sees significantly reduced uptake. Uptake of the 30mbit/s and 50mbit/s tiers is exceedingly uncommon, and the handful of people I know who have them got them through special promotions or bundles. Nobody called up and bought it out of the blue at full sticker price.

Make a case for why $70/mo provides enough value to John Q. Public to justify an extra $30/mo over a standard connection. That's $360/yr, which is real money to most people. Hell, I'm a geek with 13 years in Information Technology, and I'm too budget conscious to pay for such speeds.

Just because YOU don't think it is worth it doesn't mean that my life should be regulated to your feelings.
I pay $60 a month for a 50/50 connection already, so another $10 a month is nothing. Some people spend that much on coffee and cigarettes, every single day. Everyone I know has the fastest speed tier available from their carrier, and if they can get Google Fiber, they have it, or are waiting for the install.
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