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Re: Six Strikes148; Anti-Piracy Scheme Starts Monday

said by Elyria:

said by kilrathi:

Usenet is not gonna be main thing mainly because things are even harder on there now, hidden names and passwords when it comes to the real goods every day, sure regular joe can still find stuff and run into some spam but I dont see usenet to be mainstream like torrents ever.

Main thing ? Usenet's been around long before there was a WWW or even the word.... browser.

"harder on there now, hidden names and passwords" *chuckles* *chuckles* *chuckles*

"I dont see usenet to be mainstream like torrents ever" = And I see
it, exactly the opposite. Torrents will never match the speed and
certainly..... NEVER match the retention.

On the basis of content alone, if you combined every known torrent in one bucket.....you'd still need another couple hundred thousand more to even come close to what's available to Usenet users. And that content is available 24/7 , and we don't need no stankin' seeders....ever

I don't want to get in a debate about torrent vs usenet. I love usenet, used it for nearly 20 years but it can't hold a candle to private torrenting with seedboxes. I have never seen such collections of movies/tv shows. I can't began to tell you all the stuff that it is available (to give an idea, on a TV show private torrent site called BTN there is just about every TV series with every season that's ever been released on DVD/BD in 5/6 different formats from avi/xvid to 720p to 1080p to untouched BD isos). And as far as security, the seedbox is in the swarm not my home computer. The seedbox is leased from a datacenter on the other side of the world (for about the same cost as a usenet provider) and it downloads/uploads at 1gbps so those 20-30GB movies/tv shows download in mere minutes to my seedbox. Anyway, my point is not all bit-torrent is the same. There is the public/mass idiots that torrent using the pirate bay and other public trackers with their home ip address for easy picking and then there is private torrenting with seedboxes. Two comepletely different things.

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So I should pay an offshore hosting company for TV shows, instead of the producers of the show. And here, all this time I thought it was about getting this stuff free.

If the objective of CAS is to stop the revenue drain, it will fail. But I am thinking it isn't about success, but having a legal cudgel to beat the snot out of casual pirates. The ISPs won't take direct action; but that does not preclude the rights holders from legal action. And ISP customers who agree to the mitigation efforts are actually admitting piracy; which won't go well for them when the subpoenas start to flow.
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