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Montreal, QC

3MB on a 6MB profile. What are my options?

I'm on a 6MB profile, and used to get consistent download speeds of a bit over 4MB. Ok, it's not quite 6, but I could live with that. Recently though, the speed dropped down to 3MB, and that's a bit too slow for my needs.

TekSavvy's tech support told me that that's all I can expect to get, as my line is running at nearly 80% utilization — even though the quality would support up to 25MB.
Are there any options for me to get closer to the theoretical 6MB speeds? The support person told me that a "Raise to best" request with Bell would probably cost me $88, but would probably not gain anything.

I guess different providers (Start, Electronic Box) are reselling the same line, so would hit the same limits? Or could something be gained by switching to them?

An upgrade to the fiber plans would of course be a real gain, but those are actually more than I really need.

Old Martin
For you to attain the the 6 Meg profile, you would need to get your line card moved to a remote. Unfortunately, Bell won't do so anymore.


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Move to a different technology

If your neighbourhood supports it, you could consider moving to ADSL2 or VDSL2.

Or else maybe cable.
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Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
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Re: 3MB on a 6MB profile. What are my options?

Unfortunately Legacy DSL is being negatively affected this way if your line quality degrades where the sync rate has to be lowered to maintain stability...

Same thing for users that have previously been on remotes, and get transferred back to the central office which is a longer copper run and usually less speed.

Not much you can do except to sign up for the least expensive FTTN plan to be guaranteed a spot on the remote closer to your house.

I would wait a little bit in your case, since TekSavvy will be reworking their DSL packages after the recent CRTC decision. There may be something that will fit your needs.
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Montreal, QC
reply to Frescard
could consider moving to ADSL2 or VDSL2
sign up for the least expensive FTTN plan
Unfortunately, I'm not sure which Teksavvy plans use which technology.
The specs on their site don't really say what each uses, and if I just go by the modems offered, it seems that all use the same, except the 25MB one.

So if my current line is already overloaded, would switching to just the 10MB plan change my ratio (between advertised and received speed)? Or will I still just get 50%?

Nepean, ON
Using any plan other than the 6/0.8tier will get you an appropriate sync rate as you will be on a remote DSLAM.