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Elgin, IL
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Re: One way to solve it

Phones now days can be unbricked, and in fact some phones have to be bricked to be rooted. Granted they are soft bricked, but its almost impossible now days to hard brick a phone.

Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR
Had to brick my Burst after ICS upgrade to make it run right. Flash CWM, then the kernel files that the updater fails to overwrite, then run updater again by rebooting to download mode via CWM. Change defective CPU(goes from running on 2 cores to 1 on every one I seen after ICS upgrade) and memory default settings(causing OOM to be an epic fail) and you're in business. This stops all the freezes, lags, crashes, and other bs, as well as enables a recovery mode which was stripped with the ICS upgrade.

But anyways, what does unlocking a phone have to do with bricking? Unlocking is simply unlocking the baseband firmware to allow any carrier's SIM card, usually done via code. It has nothing to do with root and custom ROMs. A phone can be unlocked, but not rooted or vice-versa. I don't care much about unlocking as not many carriers around here meet my needs. Without root, I'd go nuts. I like to have control over my device and some, like this Burst, have to be rooted to run right. So, rooting voids warranties, but unlocking does not.
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