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Carrollton, TX
reply to csudillo

Re: HELP!!! Router to Router basement from top floor Wireless!

Im not sure that you can do WDS with a fios router and another router

I would start with putting the N router upstairs and see how much different the 5 ghz gets you. Does your Xbox have N wireless ?

the easiest might be to get 2 n speed routers that can do WDS between them AND allow you to plug the Xbox in to the port on the second router.

Ive had really good luck with extending networks using Ubiquiti Equipment. Its inexpensive and very flexible with good signal strength

Yes I do have an Xbox with wireless N capabilities. Also, I need to know how to configure my FiOS router to be wired with the Netgeat and to broadcast in 5gHz so it can have a wider range. (All the way to the basement) I don't really want to spend any money cause it isn't really a pressing issue but if it can be a wider range, that's just simply a better signal.

Carrollton, TX
to add your netgear to the fios just turn off dhcp on the netgear and plug a cable from the fios router to one of the 4 non wan ports on the netgear - if the netgera has a bridge mode use that