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Opelika, AL

Question about installation

I'm getting U-verse Max Plus IP-DSL service installed on March 7th, and have a few questions:

1. My house has an old-style lockbox. Will it be replaced with a Corning NID by the tech?

2. I have heard horror stories about keeping bellsouth.net email addresses when going to U-verse because of the different mail exchanges. Has that been fixed? As in "losing" the address and being unable to use it again...

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San Jose, CA
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1. I have no clue.

2. When activating the U-verse account, pay close attention to the options. As early as 2006, I helped a friend sign up a new AT&T ADSL account, and was offered the option to either obtain a new 'sbcglobal.net' account, or use an existing account.

Be very careful that you make the right choice on the proper screen. The new account offer is presented preferentially, while the existing account offer is tucked away in smaller type; so read carefully!
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Belleville, IL
reply to wizkid6
1. The nid may be replaced if it cant support the newer protector and line module, so it might be, but the tech will determine that upon install

2. when you first log onto a computer after connecting to the modem either via wireless or hard wire you will open a web browser and it will redirect to the reg page or you will have to type in att.net/uverse

It will have a page welcoming you to the reg page with a blue continue button, next page explains a general time frame with another continue button. The next page will either be the passcode page or the page asking which id.

it will say use an existing id or create a new id, after you select use existing id, the next page will let you type in your existing and on the right will have a drop down for the different @.... ids

Hope this helps


Clarksville, TN
reply to wizkid6
I am on pair bonding here so they kept my old Bell South box as well as installing the INid....Honestly they have replaced my INid 5 times with problems but the older Bell South box hasn't had a problem...I know the older box has nothing to do with the combining of the 2 pairs but that does say something about how things were made back then!