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Boca Raton, FL

Limited Need

There is a limited need for a 1 gig connection to the home today. But as cloud storage becomes more widely used and accepted a 1 gig connection will be required.

For cloud storage to work the way it's suppose to and the way people would like to use it, a 1 gig connection is really needed. Even 100 Mbps isn't fast enough with the size of files today you still many seconds for high quality images to open.



You realize the cloud provider will need capacity on their end to feed you right. I have a file server with a single Gbit NIC and I have a hard time maxing it out among 500 users.


Boca Raton, FL

Yes I realize that. I also am one of those cloud providers, I run a cloud storage service. I have a server with a 10 gig connection and have no problem pushing 5 Gbps sustained during peak hours. And it's not that expensive.

Capacity really isn't a problem today with good web hosts.