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reply to 88615298

Re: They're right

said by 88615298:

Give people a choice between $70 1 Gbps or $40 25 Mbps. Most people will take the 25 Mbps speed.

Ill agree 1Gbps is not need for residential use currently however if 50 mbps is the "sweet spot" why are they still ( and ATT) so hesitant on rolling out fiber to supply that sweelt spot and replace basic copper DSL lines which only max out @ 6mbps.

Google 1 GB for $70 a month is a great (incredible ) deal but Id happily pay AT& sucky T or Verizon $70 for 50 mbps ( not even 1/10 of what google is offering) if they rolled out fiber or even cable to me, yes Id pay $70 for 50 mpbs unlimited Vs now paying ATT $35 for only 3 mbps and Im caped at 150 GB! By Verizons own admission 6 mbps is slow as molasses as 50 is the current sweet spot as they claim.