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Iron Mountain, MI

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My grandfathered internet has been eliminated


I have been told by my local charter office that my 3 meg internet has been eliminated and that they are doubling the price of my internet.
They just told me this when i went to pay my bill. What can be done as I can't afford to pay double the price they told me.
My home phone number is not with charter but I am including it as I am not always on the internet.
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Welcome to the site and the Charter forum. I have edited out your personal information since this is a public forum and Charter does not have official support here. Perhaps someone here may have some knowledge of what Charter is doing with your service. If you need official support you will need to contact Charter directly.


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I hear you.

I also had Internet Lite service and early last year when Charter was going to raise the price by 25% from 19.99/mo to 25.99/mp the CSR at the time offered to put me on 15/1 for a "promo price" of 25$. She mentioned that if I wanted to revert to the Internet Lite tier after the year's promo price was up I could easily do so. Fast forward to this March when my promo price was expired. I called into Charter and requested to be returned to the old Internet Lite tier. Surprise surprise that tier is gone according to the CSR, now I have NO choice if I stay with Charter I must pay around 50$/mo!!!! That is a
50% increase in price!

I contacted Kathleen Mayo by e mail the Executive Vice President of Customer Operations and informed her that the situation for customers that cannot afford that kind of service will essentially force us to leave for other options. I received a call from a CSR at the Spartanburg, SC Charter offices who listened to my concern and said he would get "back to me" with a solution. Well a few days later he calls me back and says there is NOTHING they can do. The service is "take it or leave it" . They cannot lower the service tier or lower the price. I informed the CSR that if no alternative if available shortly i will be cancelling my service. He said OK. Nothing they will do.

The only reason I will remain until the end of March is to see if the rumor of a reintroduced 15/1 service will be available at a significantly reduced price over the 30/5 service. If not I'm gone.

The best suggestion I could offer is to call Charter Corporate Offices in St. Louis and politely request to speak to Ms. Mayo regarding this issue. Let us know what happens. Good luck.

Belleville, IL
reply to kombleviczj
You basically have two choices at the moment: 1) cancel and get another service, or 2) pay the new price.

That's not what many people want to hear, especially those that don't want nor need fast internet. But that is all that is currently offered by Charter.
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Catawissa, MO
reply to kombleviczj
Even though it does little good write a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. It's basically a bait and switch tactic...tell you something will be available then when you decide you want it, it's not. Maybe if their satisfaction rating goes to hell across the board someone there might finally figure out how to run a real company.


Houghton Lake, MI
reply to kombleviczj
Us users that don't need 30 or 100 meg speeds should contact the local franchise boards and tell them about the lack of choice, they may be able to pressure charter into offering a lower cost tier.

In small towns like mine i am sure a lot of people just can't afford ($50 internet + $100 TV, DVR, Box, FEEs + $29 Phone) and also ($30 Cell Phone + $20 Cell Data plan + $750 Rent + $125 Gas for car + $250 Food + $100 Insurance for Car) each month that is $1454, and i am sure i am missing some things and some costs maybe more for others.
If you make under $15 dollars an hour you can not afford it all, So a family with both working for minimum wage have to cut some thing out and you can bet it will be the TV or internet.
In the smaller towns that Charter is in over half of the people are the lower income people and may not be able to afford the new higher prices.

I think Charter has already lost so many people that they raised the internet price by $5, TV is going up again, and now there are reports of a Modem charge for old customers of $7 a month. This is to make up for customer dropping services because of higher prices.


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If you haven't make any changes to your HSI service, then your grandfathered Lite service should still be intact. Call in get this straightened out.


reply to kombleviczj
If you haven't made any changes to your account then you can still keep the Lite tier as long as you haven't said to change to another speed. Also Lite only went up by $5.00 and the speed on it is going up to 15/3 in most areas.

Strange Data

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This is where you would learn Budgeting 101


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Joseph, Call CSR at Charters 800 number on your bill and get a price from them for your area.

And wait it out as horsethalt7 says.

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said by Strange Data:

This is where you would learn Budgeting 101


This is where Charter needs to learn Business 101, as I most definitely give them a F on that schooling!!
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